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Weight (Kgs) 10.2000
Technology LCD
Lumens 9000
Resolution (Native) XGA 1024 x 768
Lamp Life (Est.) 5000
More Info Super Bright 9000 Lumens

XGA Resolution

2 x HDMI


Body Only – Optional Lenses

Special Features


Connectivity is another strong point of this unit, with 2 HDMI (HDCP) inputs and a HDMI output, allowing you to extend to a second monitor via HDMI. Some projectors or TVs without HDCP may not be compatible and therefore won’t display an image. Your images will be ultra pin sharp via HDMI. The resolution is XGA which is a 4:3 format. This will be suitable for presentations in a large conference hall, etc. If you are showing longer videos or movies then we would recommend going to WXGA resolution at least as this is widescreen and your videos will not be compressed or stretched.

The LCD technology will add to this giving you great colour reproduction, this is something that photographers and web designers love about LCD projectors.

If installed the PA903X makes life easy with enhanced keystoning giving you vertical and horizontal correction, ensuring that the image is always set up straight with the screen even when the projector can’t be installed at the right angle to the screen. It also has horizontal and vertical lens shift making the position of the projector more flexible. If needed you can rotate 360 degrees to project on the ceiling, the floor and even in a portrait orientation and still function fully (most other models cannot cope with being at such an angle). Furthermore, geometric correction allows an image to be made even on curved screens and pillars for example Eight optional lenses give you the flexibility to place the projector very close to the image or very far away depending, ranging in throw ratio from 0.8:1 up to 4.79:1. If it is installed far away from the source in a large room then you won’t have to worry about cabling either as the PA903X has HDBaseT support. This allows you to send uncompressed HD video, audio, power, control signals and ethernet up to 100m through a single network cable. This will dramatically reduce labour and cabling costs Overall a bright, future proof, projector which will save additional software, cabling and installation costs with some fantastic built in features.



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