Everyone wants a reliable Manual Projector Screens which is going to last and be easy to use, we can assure you that this Draper Luma 203x114cm Manual Projector Screen 16:9 92 inch 207100 gets the thumbs up and the manufacturer Draper is certainly a brand you can trust, after a number of years dealing with them and a very close relationship with the factory and we have given feedback over the years to ensure continuous improvement. Spring-roller operated. Casing is pentagonal steel case with a scratch-resistant white polyester finish and matching end caps which are used to attach to wall or ceiling. There are more than one solution in this range but this screen is a 16:09 is the format for 1080p projectors as it’s a widescreen format, it means for every 16 wide it’s 9 high, which is typical for a widescreen solution. Did you want a fixed pull down screen, if you need a place that doesn’t move?

There are many uses for these screens but here are a few Churches/School Hall/Large Office. The size 203x114cm relates to the viewing part of the screen (white bit) and also you can describe it as a diagonal size in inches 92. When deciding if this screen works for you then remember to measure you space and add some for the additional length of the canister. It’s a good idea to mark the wall and then sit back and see if you can see both sides of the screen, that will give you an really good idea if this is the right size for you and makes comfortable viewing. Take the time to contact us for more information.

Weight (Kgs) -10.0000
Manufacturer -Draper
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Case Length- 220.9cm / 87″
Height (VA) cm- 114
Width (VA) cm -203
Diagonal in Inches -92
Front or Rear Projection- Front
Fixed or Mobile -Fixed
Aspect Ratio -16:09
More Info- Draper Luma 203 x 114cm Manual Wall/Ceiling Mounted Projector Screen 16:9 Diag 92 inches


  • Screen Aspect Ratio: 16:09
  • Case Length: 220.9cm / 87″
  • Diagonal in Inches: 92
  • Width (VA) cm: 203
  • Height (VA) cm: 114
  • SKU: 207100

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