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Weight (Kgs) 17.6000
Technology LCOS
Lumens 5000
Throw Ratio 1.02-1.32
Resolution (Native) 4K 4096 x 2160
Lamp Life (Est.) 3000
More Info Stunning 4K Resolution

Low ownership cost

Works great in places like museums and design homes

Delivers amazing graphics from various sources

Compact lightweight installation projector


Powerful, lightweight and accurate

Native 4K resolution (4096 x 2400) delivers astonishingly sharp and detailed text, smoother graphics and striking images from both computer and video sources. Housed in a compact chassis, the XEED 4K500ST is the smallest and lightest installation projector in the market.

Extensive features for creative projection

Create stunning, immersive presentations with multiple projectors using the built in edge blending technology, even on curved and domed surfaces. Further ease of setup is possible with the marginal focus function, (only changing the focus of the edges), sub-pixel registration and 28 test patterns, all features of the uniquely developed 4K dual image engine. Faithful reproduction of images with the dynamic gamma function that prevents the underexposure of dark areas and the overexposure of light areas; images are accurately projected with their true colours.

4K quality for the medical environment

Medical images require an international standard (DICOM Part 14) to ensure grey scale images such as X-rays display correctly. The built in DICOM sim mode reproduces this standard in either Blue-base or Clear-base colour temperatures. To ensure that the images are accurately reproduced expressing the subtle differences in colour tone, 21 different gamma options are available to assist with the fine adjustment.

Industry leading performance

Both the AISYS optical system and three 4K reflective LCOS panels in the XEED 4K500ST are exceptionally compact while delivering industry-leading performance. AISYS technology enhances colour reproduction, maximises brightness and enhances contrast. Dual imaging engines deliver smooth, high quality images exactly as they were intended. The projector’s compact size enables much easier installation where space and weight are issues.

Beyond 4K

Achieving a stunning 4096 x 2400 resolution (9,830,400 pixels), higher than DCI, the world’s smallest class 0.76” LCOS panel to achieve a 4K resolution. High resolution and colour quality through the 3 LCOS panels allow the images to be shown in the way in which they were intended.

Bright, clear images from a small housing

To achieve high brightness in a small chassis Canon’s custom AISYS (Aspectual Illumination System) independently controls the light from the lamp in both vertical and horizontal directions. High brightness of 5,000 Lumens, achieved and maintained across the entire zoom range, without compromising the contrast level.

Canon optical technology

The XEED 4K500ST offers a new 1.3x zoom 4K glass lens that leverages Canon’s longstanding heritage in high quality lens design. In combination with the projector’s 5,000 lumens brightness and constant F2.6 aperture, the XEED 4K500ST delivers consistently impressive brightness throughout its zoom range. A 3,000:1 native contrast ratio achieves superior real-world performance, with truer colours and deeper blacks – creating an enhanced viewing experience.

Domed / curved projection features

Keeping the image perfectly focussed even on the edges of a curved or domed screen is achieved through the marginal focus adjustment. Optical correction, enables the focus at the edges of the image to be changed. Adjustments for concave and convex screens with a 3m radius or greater are possible. With a large aperture of f/2.6 the depth of field is retained but this can also be adjusted by a variable aperture to increase the depth of field depending on the curvature of the screen. The lens memory function saves the settings for easy recall if used in multiple applications.

Distortion-free images across the entire projected area

TV distortion is the mis-shaping of an image at the edges due to the quality of the projection lens. Pincushion distortion or barrel distortion may be noticeable when projected with a single projector but when multiple projectors are used to create a blended image then the overlapped image cannot be properly aligned resulting in a poor quality blend. With a TV distortion rate of 0.12% blended images can be displayed perfectly.

Adjust the contrast to meet the need

Depending on the nature of the projected images the contrast ratio can be adjusted from 2000:1 up to 3000:1 by adjusting the iris. If used on a curved screen the iris control also helps maintain the deep depth of field across the whole projected area.

Outstanding flexibility and convenience

The XEED 4K500ST is designed to easily achieve great results from almost any position. A +/-60% motorised lens shift makes it straightforward to adjust image positioning without tilting or repositioning the projector. Four-corner keystone correction ensures images stay geometrically accurate. High definition edge-blending technology helps you produce beautiful blended images from multiple XEED 4K500ST projectors and apply corrections at individual pixel level. A 5-point adjustment lets you adjust RGB pixels by just 0.1 pixel, for clearer reproduction on curved and dome screens.

Smooth playback of video and upscaling technology

Reproducing smooth, uncompressed 4K video at 60fps the 4K500ST is equipped with a uniquely developed 4K high performance dual image engine. Picture may be enhanced with the motion blur reduction that adds a black frame between each frame to ensure clarity of image edges even in fast moving video. With the simulation market requiring near instant response rates, the 16.6ms delay (1 frame delay at 60Hz) makes this one of the fastest projectors on the market.


Playback of 4K media (up to 4096 x 2400 at 60fps) is possible via the four DVI-D connectors either in stripe or cross form, or at 4096 x 2160 using 2 HDMI cables. A single HDMI cable may be used to playback 3048 x 2160 video at 30fps or to upscale 2K media to 4K using Canon’s own upscaling algorithm. Installation options allow for the projector to be used in any 360-degree rotation and maintenance is made simple with the lamp and filter being accessible even when the projector is installed.



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